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Award-Winning Auchindrain

Last week, Arts and Business Scotland celebrated their 30th Annual Awards Show. With nominees including national museums, government bodies and multinational companies, we were surprised and thrilled to win the prestigious Enterprising Museum Award, sponsored by Museums Galleries Scotland.
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Meet Stingy Jack - the reason we carve pumpkins on Hallowe'en

You may have already bought a pumpkin or two to carve this Hallowe’en. It’s a seasonal tradition - or is it? In fact, for a large proportion of the period in which Auchindrain was still inhabited, jack o’lanterns carved from turnips (or neeps) would
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Summer Round-Up Part One: Xchange Scotland Come to Stay

This August, we had some hardy volunteers from Xchange Scotland (an organisation that places volunteers with community-based projects all around the world) helping us out at the museum. They came from as far away as Ital
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A Summer Snapshot

Last week, apart from the excitement of having a crew working with BBC Alba (they were here to shoot part of a programme about the development of housing in Scotland - look out for it), we’ve been getting on with some less glamorous, but very necessary construction and maintenance projects
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An Island Adventure

For the past couple of weeks, Auchindrain has had an ambassador on Orkney. While this meant she couldn’t attend the museum’s Open Day, it did mean that she was able to visit the incredible Neolithic village at Skara Brae, and to notice some surprising similarities with the township.
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