The Children of Auchindrain 2020

Back in history as a working farming community, Ach’ an Droighinn produced three things.  From the fields came a crop of stones.  From the hills came cattle and sheep.  And from the spirit of the place came its children, most of whom moved out into the wider world where they achieved great things but never forgot where they began. 


Every summer we celebrate the contribution that Ach’ an Droighinn makes to the lives of young people today, particularly the interns who come to us for the summer from universities around Europe.  It’s sadly different this year because of Covid-19, but late in the day, two young people came forward to the tradition was sustained. 



So here are Andrew Clark, Edinburgh Napier University, and Samantha Bell, Heriot-Watt University, who have been with us for a fortnight’s work to make hay in the sunshine, and be generally useful.  Andrew has been with us on and off for almost ten years, looking after our tractor.  Samantha is new to the place but has quickly been drawn in by its magic.  To both of you: thank you, and welcome to the township’s family as the Children of Auchindrain for 2020.