Fun at Home

 Have fun at home with Auchindrain.

Whether you like to do puzzles, make models or colour pictures, you'll find something fun here to do.






What do you like to make?


You can make a printed plate like the ones in our collection. You can make models of our houses - you could have your own village!  Or maybe you would prefer an animal or a woollen dolly?


Have a look and you'll find all the instructions here.








Would you like to see what life was like at Auchindrain?


We have pictures of the farm animals which lived in Auchindrain, or maybe you would prefer one of the rooms in the houses?








Time to get your brains working!

You can choose from quizzes, a wordsearch, a crossword...  

If you get stuck, our interactive guide has all the answers, you just have to find them.





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