Auchindrain is the perfect location for a school trip, particularly one focusing on the Highland Clearances, Scottish history or Gaelic culture. As the last Highland farming township to be inhabited, we have a rich history and offer a hands-on experience, enhancing your delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Farming townships were a type of settlement common throughout the Scottish Highlands until the Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries, when they were replaced by crofts and dispersed, individual farmsteads. Auchindrain was the only township to survive the Clearances in its original form. People lived here until the 1960s, and since then it has been preserved in an authentic condition, providing a unique insight into a way of life now lost forever. The buildings of the township are a Nationally Recognised Collection, and represent a pivotal period in Scotland’s history when many people were often forcibly removed from the land their families had inhabited for generations.



We can offer tailored tours and activities such as traditional baking if you inform us in advance of your visit, and also have facilities for carrying out craft activities. Farming still takes place at Auchindrain – we have sheep, chickens and sometimes Highland cows on site, which are always popular with younger visitors!

There is a well-stocked Gift shop in our Visitor Centre, with a selection of toys and souvenirs.  Our Tearoom also has space where pupils can eat their own packed lunches. Both male and female toilets are located on-site.

Auchindrain is located on the A83, 6 miles south of Inveraray. Our car park is easily accessible for smaller coaches and minibuses.


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