Auchindrain Township | Getting Here
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Auchindrain is on the A83, six miles south of Inveraray.  The postcode is PA32 8WD, but if you have an older satnav, use PA32 8XN, and use the following instructions. If coming from the north, look for the signpost for the left turn into Auchindrain before the satnav thinks you have arrived.  If coming from the south, continue along the A83 for another two miles after the satnav says you have reached your destination, and look for the signpost for the right turn into Auchindrain.

Auchindrain's logo. The text reads "Auchindrain: A place in Scotland's history".

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Auchindrain, or in Gaelic Achadh an Droighinn, field of the blackthorn tree, is recognised as being the most complete surviving example of a Highland farm township, a type of settlement representative of much of Scottish rural history.

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