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Unique, authentic, thought-provoking


Step back in time and discover Scotland’s rural history at Auchindrain, the most complete and well-preserved example of a Scottish Highland farm township. Vividly imagine life in the old Highlands as you walk through the settlement and see how ordinary people lived and worked. Step into the restored longhouses, see the objects of everyday life and learn about the past inhabitants. Explore the byres, stables and fields to understand how groups of families worked the land in common. Uncover a fascinating, long-vanished Scottish way of life deep in the hills of Argyll.


Auchindrain is six miles south of Inveraray, just an hour and a half from Glasgow.

All contributions are very gratefully received and contribute to the valuable work we do here at Auchindrain.


Auchindrain's logo. The text reads "Auchindrain: A place in Scotland's history".

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The name of the place is Achadh an Droighinn in Gaelic, and Auchindrain in the Scots language although until the 1950s the spelling was often Achindrain.  In the past, the name was sometimes translated into English as Thornfield.  Achadh is the Gaelic for “field”, and droighinn for the blackthorn or sloe tree – Prunus Spinosa.  The correct pronunciation is Achan-DRYan, with a soft “ch”. Say the “a” and the “i” in the Scots language spelling as two separate letters, and you won’t be far wrong


We are open from 1st April to 31st October, 10 am to 5 pm daily.


From November to March we are open 10 am-4 pm most weekdays, except over Christmas and New Year.  When planning a winter visit, please email us at to check that we will be open when you want to come.  You do not need to book in advance, but please don’t hold us responsible if you turn up without warning and the gates are closed.  In the winter the Visitor Centre is closed and you take us as you find us.


In the winter the Visitor Centre is closed and you take us as you find us, but admission is at reduced rates.


Adult: £8.00
Concession: £7.00
Child 5-17: £5.50

Local Residents, Friends of Auchindrain and everyone November-March: £1.00 adult, 50p concessions and children.

A 20% discount is available to up to two adults where a group includes more than one child, and to pre-booked groups of more than 20 people.


School and other educational visits must be booked and arranged in advance, so that we can provide the type and quality of service you have the right to expect.

Children under 5, carers supporting visitors with disabilities, guides and drivers, and professional members of the Museums Association, the Association of Independent Museums and the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions are admitted free.

Unfortunately, we do not recognise membership cards for Historic Environment Scotland or the National Trust for Scotland.



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Auchindrain Township
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5 days ago

Auchindrain Township
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Facebook Membership Invitation
January 2019

Auchindrain would like to invite you to become a Member of our extended family that spans the entire globe! Please get in touch now to find out more about becoming a Friend of Auchindrain, an important role that requires a passion for history and an interest in Scotland’s illustrious past.

As a Member of the Trust, you will have an important role as one of the ultimate guardians of the future and well-being of Auchindrain: our esteemed Members have oversight of the museum’s strategic direction and elect a majority of the Trustees. Your membership donation represents a significant and essential part of the Trust’s annual income ensuring the maintenance and long-term survival of Auchindrain.

Please contact us on we are always at hand to answer your questions, offer further information and assist with your Membership application.
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1 week ago

Auchindrain Township

Can any of our Argyll readers help the Scottish Fisheries Museum identify the kids in this photo? The information known is Campbeltown, July 1983, and Gillies.For this week's Photo Friday we have Group of children on deck of boat, Campbeltown, July 1983. It is believed these children were fishermen's children, mainly from the Gillies family. Is anyone able to help us identify those in the photograph?
This image was taken by Rosemary Galer. (The museum has a great resource of photographs, however there are some that we don't know much about. We hope that with the power of social media Photo Friday will help us to fill these gaps)
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2 weeks ago

Auchindrain Township

If you love piecing together a story from photographs and family papers - not to mention an epic receipt - then the story of the (now old) new house is for you: From the From the Nationally Significant collection at Auchindrain Township #GoIndustrial ... See MoreSee Less

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