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Summer Round-Up Part One: Xchange Scotland Come to Stay

Summer Round-Up Part One: Xchange Scotland Come to Stay

This August, we had some hardy volunteers from Xchange Scotland (an organisation that places volunteers with community-based projects all around the world) helping us out at the museum. They came from as far away as Italy, France and Germany, and we kept them very busy building and repairing paths and fences around the site.


Hard at work!


The volunteers stayed in Martin’s House during their visit – a real trip back in time! They slept in traditional box beds, and warmed up beside the open fire. This gave them a first-hand experience of what some aspects of life at Auchindrain would have been like. After a hard day in the fields, in the often cold and wet Argyll weather, the township’s residents wouldn’t have been able to warm up in centrally-heated homes, with a hot bath and a takeaway. However, although we now take these comforts for granted, there was a more positive side to life in the past, which the Xchange Scotland volunteers will also have experienced. Long nights spent huddled around a crackling fire are the perfect conditions for conversation, storytelling and singing: connecting with each other, not just phones and TV screens.


Enjoying some free time – and the beautiful Argyll sunshine.


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