Auchindrain Township | Eddie’s Room
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Eddie’s Room

Eddie’s Room

 This room is currently being left ‘as is’ while we try to manage the building’s conservation issues. The room smells damp, particularly in contrast to the rest of the house, which was last occupied in the 1950s. 

[caption id="attachment_22923" align="alignnone" width="481"]Eddie McCAllum III and the Black girls from Killean. Eddie McCAllum III and the Black girls from Killean.[/caption]

Throughout the building there are traces of the home it once was – wallpaper shows in places, and the wooden surround of the sink has been worn smooth through use.

Eddie’s House is named for the three generations of Eddie McCallum (or MacCallum) who lived here from around 1829 to 1954.  It is typical of the 19th century longhouses of Auchindrain, consisting of a ‘house’ end and a ‘byre’ end.  The byre was where the family’s cattle were kept in winter. It would also have been used as a stable for horses.

The 1789 Plan shows a longhouse on this site, but the present building dates from the early 19th century. It may well have been built by the McCallums when they came to Auchindrain in 1829.

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