Auchindrain Township | Eddie’s Kitchen and Closet
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Eddie’s Kitchen and Closet

Eddie’s Kitchen and Closet

 The kitchen of Eddie’s House has been set out much as it was when the MacCallums lived here in the early 1950s. By this point, the house had running water – it was the only building here besides the New House with this facility.

[caption id="attachment_22921" align="alignnone" width="663"]Eddie's house in the 1890s, well before the sink arrived. Eddie’s house in the 1890s, well before the sink arrived.[/caption]

Young Eddie” MacCallum was born in 1946. He grew up in this house and remembers its layout and how its rooms were used until the family moved to The New House in 1954.

The kitchen had a wooden table at its centre. The range was always alight, burning coal his father had brought from Furnace by horse-drawn cart, but against the back wall there was also a gas cooker. Young Eddie slept in the box bed in the Kitchen, on his own or with his half-brother George.  His parents, Eddie and Peggy, slept in the Room.  The Closet was by then mainly used as a bedroom – it was where visitors stayed. George moved into there when he got older.

Around 1940, the Kitchen was fitted with a Belfast sink and a cold water tap fed from a spring on the other side of the main road.  Alastair MacKellar of Furnace, who as a child went with his father to help with the Auchindrain harvest, recalls that at the end of each working day the helpers would be invited down to the house for tea. “One year”, says Mackellar of the sink, “it was just there”. Up to that point water had been collected with a bucket from the spring.

The kitchen would have been the heart of the home, where food and stories were shared, full of warmth and the scents of cooking. To get a taste for the food of Auchindrain, click here.


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