Auchindrain Township | Allt a’Mhuileinn
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Allt a’Mhuileinn Tag

A black and white photograph showing a tall tree growing from what looks like the remains of a stone building at Auchindrain.

The Ruined Buildings

The ruin closest to you is building S, and may be the oldest of the six longhouses in the township. We think this because the walls are dry stone and not bonded with lime mortar as is used in most of the township’s other longhouses, indicating that...

A black and white photo showing a white building and a stone building with a thatched roof.

Building S, T and U

[intro] In front of you are the ruins of three buildings. The stone walls you can see today would originally have been two or three times their present height. When these buildings were abandoned, some of the stone was re-used elsewhere - it takes a lot...